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#1 Charity coin backed by celebrities and creators.

Contract Address: 0x741f72bc9e29f662f2eb41c5ab450a2ca33be57d
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deeznuts are back at it again with a full on scrotum based metaverse!

Flappy Sack - the game

A game inspired by the addicting and rage inducing Flappy Bird mobile game downloaded by millions of people around the world.

Flappy Sack is currently live in alpha mode and is just one click to play away!



Don't miss out on the craze! Get Access to our Flappy Sack NFT launch below!


Charities & Foundations

Why DeezNuts Coin?


A portion of proceeds from every coin will be allocated to support cancer research and development!

Support DeezNuts and save lives around the world.

Coin-holder rewards

Our service fees will direct a small portion of every transaction that will be reinvested into the business to ensure consistent growth and scalability over time.

As our nuts grow, so do yours!

celebs want

There are plenty of Deez Nuts to go around, and plenty of celebrities' who like to get down.

Join our Nutty Telegram Community to vote for the next Celebrities you want to see holding DeezNuts!

Grow your sack as we give back


We need to get DeezNuts out there so we can save the world, one sack at a time!


1% of every transaction is added to a liquidity pool to help ensure the long-term stability of our coin.


2% of every transaction is distributed back to the DeezNuts Coin holders.


1% of every transaction is added to a charity pool that that will be distributed to charities supporting the fight against cancer.


1% of every transaction is added to a burn wallet.


There's plenty of Deez Nuts to go around!

Total Supply

1 Trillion DeezNuts

Initial Launch Liquidity

68.75 Billion DeezNuts

Liquidity Incentives

150 Billion DeezNuts

Marketing, Airdrops, Growth

250 Billion DeezNuts

Exchange Listings, OTCs

250 Billion DeezNuts

Team Tokens*

150 Billion DeezNuts
 * (1yr vesting schedule)


10 Billion DeezNuts

Listing Price

$0.000008 USD

Starting Liquidity

$500,000 USD
$250,000 BNB
31.25 Billion DeezNuts


5% Team Marketing
1% Liquidity
2% Holders
1% Charity
1% Burn

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Who doesn't love some wholesome deez nuts memes or phallic comedy now and then? 

DeezNuts are more than just the next best crypto coin. DeezNuts are a meme LEGACY.

DeezNuts give back

Deeznuts TAKE ON cancer!

Testicular Cancer is the second most common cancer found in men between 20 -39 years of age. One in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 85.

Our goal is to raise $100 Million USD toward research and development for these Important causes.

How to get in on DeezNuts?

  1. Step 1

    Get the Whitebit App and register an account.

  2. Step 2

    Deposit USDT into your Whitebit account, from another exchange or existing crypto wallet.

  3. Step 3

    Search for "DEEZ" in the Whitebit app and click buy!

  1. Step 1: Log into WhiteBIT Exchange

    Go to

    Log in with your existing whiteBIT account, or register a new account if you don't have one already.

    Once registered and logged in, click on "Balance" in the top menu, then click on "Spot".

  2. Step 2: Check your USDT balance

    You will need USDT to buy @deeznutscoin, but you can deposit ETH or any other asset to WhiteBIT and swap it into USDT.

    (If you already have USDT balance, or purchase USDT from WhiteBIT, you can skip to Step 4: Transfer Balance)

  3. Step 3: Deposit into WhiteBIT

    To use funds from an another source (an existing crypto wallet, or exchange account like Coinbase or Binance):

    Click "Deposit" for your chosen asset type. You will see your unique deposit address (usually starts with 0x), copy this address.

    From your external source, use the deposit address you just copied to send your asset to your WhiteBIT exchange account.

  4. Deposit Tips

    TIP: Transaction fees vary widely between crypto asset types - some are much cheaper to transfer than others!

    CRITICAL: Make sure the asset type you send exactly matches the type for address you copied from WhiteBIT.

  5. Step 4: Transfer into "Trading Balance"

    After your asset has been deposited (this can take 20-30 minutes), your WhiteBIT balance for that asset will update.

    From your whiteBIT balance page, click on "Transfer" to move this asset from your "Main Balance" to "Trading Balance".

  6. Step 5: Trading

    Go to trading pair DEEZ USDT: From the top menu, click "Trading", then "Spot". In the top right, click on the "BTC USDT" drop down menu, then type "DEEZ" into the search field.

    (Note; if you deposited a different asset type (like ETH /XLR /XLM), you can use the above process to trade for USDT, and then for DEEZ)

  7. Step 6: Make your Order

    Change the order type from "Limit" to "Market".

    Enter in the amount you want to buy, and press "Place Order".

  8. All done!

    Welcome aboard, you now own @deeznutscoin !

    You can transfer your new DEEZ nuts into your own crypto wallet, or leave them in your WhiteBIT account for future trading.


    Download Metamask for Google Chrome and set it up. Make sure to store your seed words in a secure location.

  2. Step 2: ADD "BSC MAINNET"

    Open Metamask. Click the dropdown menu on the top and switch the network to "BSC Mainnet". You can now fund your wallet with USDT and connect to Pancakeswap.

  3. Step 3: ACQUIRE USDT

    Acquire USDT from any exchange. Withdraw your USDT to your Metamask wallet address (you will see it on the top of Metamask, it starts with 0x).

    Note: Make sure you have USDT in your Metamask wallet before continuing to Step 4.

  4. Step 4: BUY DEEZ NUTS!

    Click the link below “Buy DeezNuts” (contract address will automatically be added into Pancakeswap).

    Click "unlock wallet" to connect meta mask, then change "Slippage" value to 12%.

    Click "Swap" and then "confirm swap".


    Congrats! You are now holding DeezNuts!


Deez Celebs Get it...

So obviously, you should too!

Vote for the next celebrity you want to hold deeznuts.

Join the conversation on Telegram!


Q3 2021
- Create new partnerships with celebrities, influencers, and crypto projects.

- Build Farming and Staking platform to reward holders.

Q4 2021
- Launch Farming and Staking platform to reward holders.

- Develop Flappy Sack game with play to earn features.

- Integrate Credit/Debit card transaction features.

- Secure partnerships with other A-List projects.

Q1 2022
- Launch Flappy Sack game with play to earn features, NFT integration, ranking system and versus options.

- Celebrity marketing for Flappy Sack game.

- Secure listing on tier-one exchange.

- Collaborations with A-List Projects.

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